Minimize Fading While Maximizing Your Privacy

Eclipse Shading Systems
Eclipse Shading Systems
Eclipse Shading Systems

Keep damaging sunlight out and enhance privacy with interior shades from Eclipse Shading Systems. Our interior shades are the perfect addition to your home or office.

  • Available with manual and motorized capabilities. Push a button or gently pull a chain to let down the shade!
  • Shades are made with environmentally-friendly and flame retardant fabric.
  • Fabric filters the light out without blocking your view of the outside world. You can still enjoy the scenery, only without the glare!

Interior solar shades are available in a variety of designer fabrics and installed by our professionals. Eclipse Shading Systems are backed by years of engineering research. All of our products are backed by warranty.

Shield your home or office from sun damage without blocking your view! Call 1-877-657-3027 1-877-657-3027 today for a free, no-obligation estimate.